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2007-11-11 15:28:36 by iros-industrial


I hate college

2007-10-21 01:22:39 by iros-industrial

I love the idea of going to college next year. I'm going to go a technical school to major in engineering, and I couldn't be more excited. I get to study what I'm interested in, and it seams just like it's going to be a great time, besides the mass amount of math courses I have to take (I'm required to take a course of theoretical calc after calc four. What the hell can the possible cover after four semesters of calc.)

The process of getting into college has to be the most complicated, confusing, pain in the ass experience I have ever suffered through. The worst part is you get all the information in bits. I first thought I had to take my SATs, write an essay, and fill out the common application and send it in online. I keep learning theres all these other requirements no one mentions. I need to go for interviews with colleges before I apply, fill out supplements, get letters of recommendations from certain teachers, and I need to coordinate everything with the guidance department, which is incompetent.

Besides doing insane amounts of paperwork, you have to research colleges for hours. I spent a whole night looking up student reviews on colleges and found out some colleges on my list where shit, even though they had good reputations. After researching you have to go visit, which is a waste of a day. You go there, they take you to all their new buildings, tell you everything great about the college, and then they get some overly happy student to tell you can't go anywhere better.

Besides being complicated, it's expensive. SATs cost a lot. Each application costs around $70. Then college itself can go up to $200,000. That's a lot of fucking money. You could probably invest that money wisely and get a decent job and be set (but there's always the risk something will go wrong). With the mass population increase it's harder to get into college than ever before. If your not the creme de la crop, you might be going to a second rate school and still be paying the same amount. That makes it even harder to get a job, especially if you major in a common subject. To be guaranteed a job you might need to get a master's or even a PhD. That's even more money, time, work, and debt.

All of you juniors have something to look forward to next year =P

In conclusion, I can't wait to get all this work out of the way.

Global warming sucks

2007-08-22 23:44:55 by iros-industrial

Well I've decided to continue posting long and somewhat intelligent articles up, mostly for improving my writing skills for next year.

Today's topic: Global Warming

This summer I am required to read a book called "Boiling Point" by Ross Gelbspan for my science class next year. Ross Gelbspan is a wannabe scientist who supports the theory of global warming. By support, I mean he is one of those people who thinks the Earth is going to melt in the next five years. He believes that global warming is a serious issue that is being covered up by big oil industries and the Bush administration. While I didn't finish reading the book yet, I have read enough to draw the conclusion that lots of facts are taken out of context or exaggerated.

First of all, this books reminds me of a ridiculous 9/11 conspiracy. It presents a bunch of facts and then haphazardly connects them. On the surface, the argument sounds intelligent, but when you dig down a little, you notice its a pile of bull shit. Some of the facts can't even be proven or just sound ridiculously exaggerated.

Global warming is one the most debated topics today however. Some people think the Earth is ready to bake while others think its a myth. I'm not going to pretend I'm an expert on it, because I know am not. Even the experts seem to be confused about facts, which makes the topic much more confusing.

If you were to put a hardcore atheist and a hardcore fundamentalist in a room and make them debate, you would have an argument that would go on for hours. At the end, no one would be right. This is what the global warming argument is like. No one seems to have and hard evidence on either side. Theres the people who think the Earth is near a meltdown because the average temperature is up by .1 of a degree. After multiple ice ages i think its safe to assume the climate can fluctuate at times.

But then there is the other side of the argument. You have the asshole who blames everything on natural causes and would rather not even worry about global warming. Even if global warming is a pile of horse shit, it would be nice to cut CO2 emissions down and help the environment. There's nothing wrong with with being environmentally friendly.

Global warming has become more of an ego and political issue than anything. Each side has to prove that they are right by exaggerating number and facts and then throwing false accusations towards anyone who disagrees with them.

I personally believe global warming is a theory of the future, not of the present. Once again, I'm no expert, so don't take anything I say as fact. I believe that as of currently our situation is fine, but if we continue at this rate, we will have problems in the future. The easiest solution is to continue making things environmentally friendly by reducing the amount of pollutants we release.

In conclusion, global warming is one of the most most confusing topics out there. Most facts are exaggerated if not wrong or made up. Then dozens of contradicting theories are made up by these "facts." A lot experts are taking two very different and very extreme sides. It seems like no one really has a good idea of what is actually going on with our planet.

Global warming sucks

Blogging by boredom

2007-07-23 01:36:26 by iros-industrial

First of all, I decided to write this blog to improve me writing skills. Why use a blog; because its more fun than writing for productivity (like writing a required journal for school). So my idea is to write about topics that I care about that many others don't.

This topic's subject: Music

I love music. My play list has hundreds songs covering many different genres from rock to jazz to classic to techno to rap and everything in between. What I can't stand is the chronic shit being pumped out by the music industry. Now don't get me wrong, there's plenty of good music being produced today, but the media tends to idolize the shittiest songs.

Turn on your radio and go to your area's pop music station. Around here z100.3 is a popular pop music station. Unfortunately, I was forced to listen to this station for over an hour in a car ride with my girlfriend (who loves this stuff. It's possible the only thing I dislike about her). So basically, two-thirds of the songs were crap. The decent ones were played to the point where they came on like every thirty minutes. By now, you probably sick of the radio station (if you listened to me before and actually turned it on).

Theres a lot of shitty music being produced out there besides the mainstream pop. Know when I say "shitty," I mean talentless or musically crap. I can respect a musically solid song even if I'm not a fan of it.

Before I go on, I'm going to tell you how I define shitty (musically talentless) music.
1. Songs with excessive screaming. Its just not needed and sounds like crap. Some screaming is good if used just right (ex. all scremo)
2. Any song where the vocalist is horrible. I don't give a damn about the lyrics being special. If the vocalist sucks, the music just sounds like crap (ex. Panic at the Disco)
3. Music that is nothing more than a simple beat with some vocalist singing (or rapping) about some trashy topic. (ex. most rap today)
4. Any band that uses a sex appeal then music talent. (ex. all boy bands). IF you need to attract people by dressing like a slut or attracting pre-pubescent girls, your music is usually utter shit 9 times out of ten.

I would go one, but the average person here knows how to separate good music from talentless garbage.

Luckily time has a way of expunging garbage music. If you haven't noticed, the music industry works by pumping out x amount of songs on timed intervals. The songs get popular for a short amount, are played excessively for a certain amount of time, and then forgotten and replaced by a new set of songs. Some of the better songs stay popular for a good amount while the rest just die out quickly. If you don't believe me, just look back a year or two. Do the songs popular back then get played that often now, if at all? Do you ever here any backstreet boys, NSync, Brittany Spears, or Spice Girls songs anymore?

Now lets go a little father back then that. Do you here many musically tasteless songs from the seventies or before that? A lot of the garbage music has been forgotten from that time.

Now lets go even farther back. Back a few hundred years. Do you here any classical pieces that are mediocre or just decent? The more time goes by, the more garbage music is forgotten.

Even though I can't stand most of the music being produced lately and how people like it just because MTV plays it over and over and over, I'm glad to know that in time, that this tasteless garbage will (hopefully) be forgotten, and that the good music of today will be remembered.

And now, a good pic idolizing a musically great band: Pink Floyd

Blogging by boredom


2007-07-20 00:44:38 by iros-industrial

what the fuck is a blog?